About Anderen Ltd

Anderen Ltd are a consultancy working with a wide range of Western and Chinese companies who want to do business together successfully.

With over a decade of real life experience trading in China, you work with our team of realists and have access to a well-established infrastructure.

Copy -image 01We work with companies of all sizes, asking only that you are as enthusiastic and dedicated as ourselves in making your China business run as smoothly and profitably as possible. China is a market of great potential, but it has to be said that it takes some effort. We can hold your hand in your early days and grow with you as your business develops, by providing practical advice and support based on real experience in the market, together with a wide range of the services needed to really win in, what is probably, the most exciting place to do business in the world.

As a client, you can also use our China office facility which is based in a prestige building in the new business quarter of Guangzhou as your own China Office, working with our staff who are skilled translators and interpreters, but also offer much more. Staff are trained to understand both Western and Chinese business culture and also are highly competent business managers.

The IFC Building offers, probably, the best business address in Guangzhou and is where we have our China office. It is also where the UK Consulate, CBBC and the Guangzhou British Chamber of Commerce also have their offices and is home to amongst other things the Four Seasons Hotel which is one of the highest hotels in Asia.

Using this address as your base in China will say a lot about you as a company in a market where appearances are really important.


Why China?

In recent years, China has introduced over 20,000 types of imported food from over 60 different countries. This covers a wide variety of products such as dairy, bottled water, biscuits, snack foods, sugar, chocolates and confectionary, beverages such as coffee and tea, meat and even rice. The result of this is that over the last 6 years the market for imported food has grown annually at a rate of approximately 15%, compared with the worldwide average of around 4%.

In 2014 the imported food market in China was valued at 500 Billion USD. This shows that China offers a huge potential to UK companies of all sizes who can offer high quality products.

However at the same time China is a highly competitive place. A growing market attracts a lot of interest from all over the world and China has, over the last year, developed a tough regime on food safety and other compliance issues. This means to be successful companies need to be prepared to “do what it takes” to win business by being persistent yet patient and also needs a significant investment of resource.


So how do I get my product in front of buyers?

Fhwchina LOGOFood exhibitions are a good place to start – in China there is a food exhibition somewhere every week, and so you need to take a strategic approach. In Guangzhou we recommend the Food and Hospitality World Exhibition which takes place in September each year. FHW is in fact an international franchise and operates shows throughout the BRICS countries. We offer a fully managed package which includes space, stand building, provision of trained interpreters, translation of literature and event management. We can also help to bring samples into the show, even if they are not yet compliant, through a legitimate exclusion system. We make it as easy as possible to exhibit.

New for this year we have introduced a web portal which will enable manufacturers to engage with professional Chinese buyers (

The internet is now a vital tool for engaging with both B2B and B2C in China. Trade on the internet in China is growing at a phenomenal rate. Simply you have to have an internet presence, ideally in Chinese.

We offer a managed site for our clients which includes posting their products in, what is effectively, a virtual exhibition and daily social networking via the WeChat commercial site. This web portal has over 100,000 professional buyers as members who are constantly seeking new products and overseas suppliers and so it provides an ideal platform for promoting your products on a daily basis. Our managed programme means that your product information will be presented in colloquial Chinese and we can also manage enquiries for you through our Guangzhou office.

When you have attended a show and created managed pages and social engagement via the web portal, you will have started to have a presence in China, but you still need to work at it, we are here to assist you on your ongoing journey to ensure that your business in China is the success that you hope for.

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