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Jaguar Land Rover is a British car manufacturer built around two iconic automotive brands: Jaguar, the producer of globally celebrated high performance vehicles, and Land Rover, the legendary maker of world famous premium SUVs. In their 80-year and 67-year histories, Jaguar and Land Rover have been renowned for their stunning design, cutting-edge technology and breath-taking performance. Till the end of 2014, Jaguar Land Rover remained the UK’s largest manufacturer of premium vehicles, selling its products in 180 countries with 17 national sales companies worldwide.

Alongside its R&D and engineering headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, Jaguar Land Rover is supported by two state-of-the-art engineering and design facilities and three advanced manufacturing plants in the UK. These pioneering centres have helped the company receive outstanding recognition for its steadfast pursuit of technological innovation. Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover is investing £518 million to build a cutting-edge engine manufacturing centre in the UK, which will manufacture a family of all-new advanced technology low-emission four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

As the UK's largest automotive employer, Jaguar Land Rover has a world-class team and employs almost 32,000 people globally. In addition, it supports 210,000 people through the supply chain, dealer network and wider economy. Globally, the company supplies its vehicles through nearly 2,500 franchised dealers; almost 53,000 employees.

A Leader in Technology and Innovation
Jaguar Land Rover is led by advanced design and innovation in technology and engineering. At the 2014 Beijing Auto Show, the company announced its plan for 50 new product initiatives over the next five years. To support its ambitious growth plans, Jaguar Land Rover has been making significant investments in products and facilities, spending around £2.75 billion in this area during fiscal year 2013-14 (April 2013 - March 2014). Investment has been increased to £3.5 billion in fiscal year 2014-15.

Jaguar Land Rover is a global leader in light weighting technologies, demonstrated by models such as the Jaguar XJ and XK, the F-TYPE- a two-seater sports car with industry-leading all-aluminium construction, and the world’s first SUVs with lightweight all-aluminium bodies – the all-new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport – each saving 420kg of weight, and reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, Jaguar Land Rover announced an investment approaching £1.5 billion to introduce an all-new technically advanced aluminium vehicle architecture in forthcoming models. As the UK's largest investor in automotive green technology and innovation, Jaguar Land Rover is dedicated to undertaking a number of advanced research projects. These include the REEV plug-in hybrid Jaguar project and the Evoque_e, a £16.3m collaborative research project, both of which push the boundaries of research into the electrification of premium vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover in China

As a trustworthy, long-term partner and global brand, Jaguar Land Rover is deeply committed to building a strong presence within local communities. In July 2010, Jaguar Land Rover established a National Sales Company in China headquartered in Shanghai, in response to the country’s rapid development. The company currently also has 3 regional offices in China, located in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Jaguar Land Rover is also dedicated to consolidating its existing facilities in China, which include 3 Training Academies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Its infrastructure includes 3 import locations at ports in Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and 5 parts distribution centres in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Suzhou. To offer customers a deeper brand experience and understanding of its products, it has developed 3 Land Rover Experience Centres in Beijing, Guangzhou and Huzhou. And construction on the fourth Experience Centre in Chengdu is currently underway. Looking forward, Jaguar Land Rover will establish a total of 7 Land Rover Experience Centres in China.

3Jaguar Land Rover places great importance on its employees and has a comprehensive staff development programme comprised of an excellent performance appraisal and talent development process that combines employee training and growth, whilst encouraging a work-life balance. The company’s current employee base in the country has increased to over 400, more than 90% of whom are Chinese. It’s also a young, innovative team, with 85% of its employees in China under 40 years old.

To get closer to customers, Jaguar Land Rover is relentlessly enhancing service quality by expanding its dealership network across China; by the end of 2014, Jaguar Land Rover China had appointed 248 authorised dealers, 179 of which were already in operation, covering more than 100 cities across the country. Jaguar Land Rover works together with its dealers to ensure that all customers experience an all-round brand experience that they have come to expect from such a distinguished marque.

Since establishing its National Sales Company in China, Jaguar Land Rover has witnessed healthy and steady growth. China has become Jaguar Land Rover’s single largest market worldwide, and sales have tripled since 2010. The company has also maintained double-digit growth throughout the year thus far.

 “Customer First” Philosophy
Jaguar Land Rover has a strong “Customer First” business philosophy, which regards customers as an integral part of the way it does business. With the “Tailored for China” strategy, it is dedicated to providing Chinese customers with the most advanced products, taking their demands and preferences as an essential consideration in global product research and design. To support the strategy, the company has an engineering team based in Shanghai that is dedicated to researching and analysing the trends and preferences of Chinese consumers, helping to give the China market a voice in Jaguar Land Rover global product development and engineering processes, and incorporating the Chinese market’s needs in the design and development of its global products.

At the core of Jaguar Land Rover China’s customer service philosophy is a relentless desire to raise customer satisfaction. It endeavours to maintain the same quality service standards consistent with all Jaguar Land Rover operations worldwide. Meanwhile, its dealerships are equipped with advanced hardware and world-class training at Training Academies, helping to ensure that each Jaguar Land Rover dealer offers top-notch maintenance services. The company launched a new “Three Guarantees” programme in September 2013, going beyond requirements of the government regulation, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in China. Jaguar Land Rover also initiates 360-degree staff competitions for service advisors, technicians, and parts technicians – all of which help guarantee high quality customer service.

Manufacturing Localisation
To better meet the demands of Chinese consumers, Jaguar Land Rover established a joint venture company with Chery Automobile Company Ltd. After receiving formal approval from the Chinese government on November 18, 2012, Jaguar Land Rover and Chery formally laid the foundation stone for a new manufacturing facility in China.

Jaguar Land Rover and Chery have jointly invested RMB 10.9 billion, to build a manufacturing facility located at the Changshu Economic Development Zone. The investment will also include the construction of an engine production facility and a R&D centre.

Chery Jaguar Land Rover Changshu plant has been opened on 21st October, which is almost 400,000 square-metres in size. The first model built in this plant was the Range Rover Evoque, and the first locally produced Jaguar Land Rover car has rolled off the production line at the opening ceremony. By 2016, the Changshu plant is predicted to build three Jaguar Land Rover models. Initial annual production capacity of the plant will be 130,000 units a year, and we are aiming for the facility to be the most sustainable and efficient car factory in China. For Jaguar Land Rover, this world-class facility is an important milestone, demonstrating our commitment to bringing more locally-produced vehicles to Chinese customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

JLR CSR Strategy in China
2Besides providing customers with world-leading products and services in the China market, CSR is also one of JLR corporate strategic pillars, which is aligned with JLR global CSR strategy. For Chinese children and youth are the future of the country, focusing on the development and wellbeing of the next generation is key to the sustainable development of China, therefore JLR has focused our CSR programmes particularly on youth in China.

With the goal of inspiring the dreams of our future, the Jaguar Land Rover China Children & Youth Dream Fund, jointly initiated by Jaguar Land Rover China (JLR China) and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF), was officially launched on 28th May, 2014 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Through the fund, Jaguar Land Rover China will support the growth and development of children and youth in four areas, namely Sports for All, Road Safety, Children & Youth Development, and Social Care. Funded by a donation of RMB 50 million over three years, programmes under these pillars will be dedicated to creating healthy living and educational environments for the next generation, helping them realise their dreams.

2014 CSR Programmes in China

Jaguar China Youth Football Development Initiative
The Jaguar Football Public Open Day is an important part of The Jaguar China Youth Football Development Initiative, and the first programme launched after the Dream Fund establishment. The Jaguar Football public open day has launched in Shanghai on 14th July, and in Beijing On 25th October. It aims to provide the public with free access to football fields in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, to encourage their participation in the sport.

The Sino-UK football and culture exchange programme also sent a group of 56 students to the UK for football training and cultural exchange, where they’ve shared skills and experience with British youth, and also have had the opportunity to interact with David Beckham, brand ambassador of Jaguar.

Land Rover Never Stop Caring – Journey for Vision Programme
4As an extension of Land Rover Never Stop Discovering campaign, Land Rover Never Stop Caring programme will offer free screening and medical treatment to children with eye impairment in remote areas in China. As well as providing screening, trainings and equipment donations will be offered to local hospitals.

The first journey was to Yunnan, where JLR offered eye screening for more than 30,000 students, and has been providing corrective surgery and treatment for 600 students, eyeglasses for 3,000 children in need, as well as local doctor trainings and equipment donation to 4 local hospitals.

Disaster Relief Efforts
Following a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that rocked Ya'an in Sichuan province on 20th April 2013, Jaguar Land Rover China immediately donated RMB 3 million to support disaster relief and restoration. Alongside its dealer partner Shanxi Shunchi Lujie Automobile Sales Co., Ltd, it donated RMB 4 million to the quake-affected area in Ya’an to rebuild schools in the region and help local students return to their studies and regain a normal life. On 27th August 2014, Jaguar Land Rover revisited their Ya’an Hope School and undertook teaching activities with classes of the school’s students.

On 5th August 2014, Jaguar Land Rover China announced that it will be immediately donating RMB 5 million to support the post-disaster relief effort to assist residents of the Zhaotong region of Yunnan province who were struck by earthquake on 3rd August. Bob Grace, Regional President of JLR Greater China, said that JLR in China stands shoulder to shoulder with the affected people of Yunnan and supports the work of all those working to restore the area back to normal.

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